Become a Patron

The finest string instruments have for many decades been so devastatingly expensive that almost no artist has been able to obtain them without some form of sponsorship or patronage.

For the highly talented musician a top quality instrument is essential to playing successfully in the very competitive international market. We encourage you to join us in our efforts to
preserve and encourage the excellence in string playing. Consider investing in one of the fine rare stringed instruments and loaning it to an exceptional young musician.

Unique Patron Benefits

  • You will get to know one of the future stars of the classical music heaven.
  • You will feel a great satisfaction to see your artist grow with your instrument.
  • You will get private updates of the concert and recording activities of your artist.
  • You will be enjoying private concerts performed by your artist and the instrument.
  • You will enjoy a peace of mind knowing that the instrument will be all-insured by the foremost insurance company.
  • You will own a very rare and important piece of art, a piece of history, a unique stringed instrument of substantial historical and cultural significance that will continually increase in value.
  • You will retain the ownership of the instrument without any risk or hassle.
  • You will be a part of a privileged circle of investors.
  • You will have a satisfaction of knowing you are supporting one of the most talented and exceptional young musicians in reaching their international virtuoso stardom.

Stradivari Invest® will take care of everything. We will find the suitable instrument, take care of the whole verification and certification process, screen the physical condition, find the deserving exceptional young virtuoso for the loan of the instrument, administer the instrument loan and insurance, and much more.

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