Investment Objectives

The aim of the Stradivari Invest is to provide safe and rewarding medium to long-term capital growth by investing in exclusive rare stringed instruments.

Investment Policy

Stradivari Invest
seeks to take advantage of the fine track record, the excellent financial returns and the unusual safety of the investments in the finest old stringed instruments. The value of these supreme instruments has increased steadily and progressively during the past three centuries and has never decreased, even during times of economic depression. This long-documented track record of excellent financial returns makes top rare stringed instruments both a safe and a profitable investment and an outstanding vehicle for wealth preservation.

Investment Process

We are continually in contact with key people on the market in the search for the finest stringed instruments that have the highest value increase potential.

When an exceptional instrument is found, it is screened, scrutinized, verified, certified and valuated by utmost experts in the field, including verification of the acoustic qualities of the instrument by experienced top violinists.

On the base of the valuation the price of the instruments is negotiated.

After the legal work is done the instrument is purchased and insured.

The instrument is re-valuated and the insurance policy is adjusted periodically to reflect the change in the value.

The recommended holding period for rare stringed instruments is 10 years. After that period the instruments can be offered for sale.

Main advantages of the investment in rare stringed instruments

It beats the Dow Jones Industrial Average

It beats the 10 and 30 year Treasury Bonds

It has a typical annual rate of return 10-15%

It has a long-documented track record of excellent financial returns

It is an outstanding vehicle for the wealth preservation

It also provides satisfying non-financial returns

It supports the best classical music traditions

The risk of capital loss is low or very low

All-risk insurance covers the full value of the instrument
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Low cash flow?

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