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Tools of the trade

Fine stringed instruments are both tools of the trade and works of art. The best stringed instruments may be beautiful collectible objects, but were primarily designed to enrich our lives with their beautiful sound.  You can't realize the full splendour and beauty of an instrument unless you hear it in the hands of a virtuoso. 

A fine stringed instrument cannot be regarded as a luxury for a professional musician, determined students and soloist. For them the instrument is a tool necessary for making a living.

The price of the finest stringed instruments has escalated to the point that they are unaffordable for most musicians.  They cannot compete with prosperous banks, rich foundations or wealthy collectors.

Because rare stringed instruments are first and foremost tools of the trade, they have never become subjects of the fashionable whims and the stringed instrument market has remained extraordinarily stable.

Rare stringed instruments for players

The performing artist retells and translates the composer’s universe.

When the top musician reaches his or her supreme musical potential, the music, the body, the mind and the instrument melt together into a homogenous organic unity. The result is perceived as an unearthly quantum spring of beauty and energy. It is a euphoric, intense and sublime experience perceived both by the musician and the listeners.

This extraordinary result is achievable only with a top master instrument that responds in a flash and offers an infinite palette of tonal colours and nuances.

The musicians grow with their instruments. It is absolutely crucial to empower the most talented stringed instrument students both with the best master teachers and the finest master instruments to fully develop their potentials, talents and skills.

Stradivari Invest
® does its utmost to find the world’s finest stringed instruments and put them into the hands of the world’s most talented musicians.

What a waste it is to lock the finest master instruments behind a glass in museums or in a wall safe. Stringed instruments are made to be played on, to enrich both the player and the listener with a joy of music. Eventhough they are beautiful works of art, their full potential is un-folded only in the hands of master players.
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